High quality decoration can be critical to the success of a product, particularly in the personal care sector. M&H offers one of the world's most complete in-house decorating facilities, encompassing all the decoration techniques required, to the highest quality available.

Silk Screen Printing

The company's printing department can decorate round, flat and flat-oval bottles, and offer multi-pass printing of several colours to very tight tolerances, using both conventional and UV printing technology. Silkscreen offers bright, firm colours for striking designs.

Hot Foil Blocking

M&H's hot foil blocking machinery has been designed and built in-house to give the highest level of quality and capability for the blocking or banding of bottles, jars, tubes and the periphery blocking of caps. The company now has over 40 years experience of this process.

Tampo Pad Printing

M&H can pad print across areas that are otherwise difficult to print or are heavily contoured, such as closures.

Shrink Sleeving

The company offers full 360-degree wraparound coverage on bottles of any shape and size using full-body shrink sleeve labels.


M&H Plastics offers pressure-sensitive, roll-fed, orientated labelling in all sizes. Equipment is engineered to ensure a high degree of accuracy and repeatability of label placement, including spot labels, base labels on jars, and wraparound labels on bottles and tubes.

Embossed Effect Printing

M&H has developed an innovative method of producing an embossed effect by printing high-build varnish directly onto bottles. This gives a tactile textured embossed effect which adds a premium feel to the product.

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