Manufacturing Processes

Extrusion Blowmoulding

In the standard blowmoulding process a warm plastic parison (hollow tube) is placed between the two halves of a mould cavity and air pressure forces the plastic into the precise shape of the cavity.

M&H has over 60 blowmoulding machines creating bottles up to 1000ml from PE, PP, PVC and PETG materials. With the large number of standard machines, the company has excellent production flexibility. For example, several slightly different types of bottle can be run in parallel for shorter lead times.

Injection Stretch Blowmoulding

In this process a plastic preformed PET component is formed by injection moulding on the machine. This preform is then stretched and blown into the container shape using a separate mould.

PET bottles and jars are noted for their glass-like clarity, strength and barrier properties that preserve the product's quality, protect against damage and display the contents superbly. M&H has over 20 injection stretch blowmoulding machines.

Injection Blowmoulding

This process bridges the gap between blowmoulding and injection stretch blowmoulding providing scrap-free production of containers with an injection moulded neck finish.

The key benefit is outstanding control of part tolerances, finish and weight/volume which means wide mouth containers can be produced with injection moulded tolerance necks. In addition there is no waste from de-flashing resulting in reduced energy consumption and better material utilisation.

The machine is a Medical specification to satisfy the demands for controlled ‘clean room’ standards.

Injection moulding

In injection moulding molten plastic is forced from a heated cylinder under pressure into a cavity of a confined mould. The part is then cooled, solidified and removed. M&H has over 70 injection moulding machines.

A large range of standard and custom moulded caps and closures are available in COPP, PP, PE, SAN and BDS.

M&H can supply jars and containers in SAN and PP, in single or double wall, with capacities from 2ml to 1400ml.

Flexible Tubes

M&H has state-of-the-art lines to create tubes to your exact requirements. We can manufacture a million tubes a week which can be customised in terms of size, material, colour, closure style, cap colour and decoration. The company offers a complete decoration services that includes flexographic and silk screenprinting, hot foil blocking and labelling.

Over the last 2 years the company has invested significant monies in the development of new tube technology and plans to continue a policy of further investment in order to provide innovative products.

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